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    I Love Synchronicity…It Seems Magical to Me.
    Dear Ruth,
        When I managed Ana’s studio in Cardiff it was magic. If a teacher quit on short notice later in the day another instructor would stop by the front desk and say, “Ruth, the gym cut my yoga class so I’m available if you need me.” That kind of occurrence happened so regularly that when a bump in the road showed up I watched for the magic to smooth it…and it always did. When something “is right” it unfolds easily and holds less drama and trauma.  My Studio Anahata Yoga at 39th and Cuming is proving to be similarly magical.
        The schedule is evolving, new people are arriving, longtime students are welcoming them in, long missing students showing up out of no where, folks are traveling and coming home with wonderful stories, new babies are being born, and losses and challenges are being met with grace, kindness and equanimity.  
         I love my life.  Thank you all for being in it and for allowing me to be in yours. 

    I Make up Stories in My Head…
    Lillie, the most recent of Gin & Tom’s furry family to leave. We miss you, Lillie.

    …if I don’t have a real answer, if I don’t know something for sure, if I don’t understand something, or just cannot wrap my head around it…then I start making up my own stories. Sometimes I tell myself to stop it…sometimes my stories make sense. Here’s one that makes sense…to me.

        When someone leaves it used to just confound me.  Of course, it still knocks the pins out from under me when someone leaves me but it occurs to me that if every person and animal that ever inhabited this planet was still here Mother Earth just could not sustain us all. Someone has got to leave us to make room for someone else to join us.
        And likewise, if every person I ever loved was in my life now it would be too many…too much, I’d be overwhelmed (you know how easily I’m overwhelmed).  I can only sustain so many relationships.  I think we each have a different capacity for how many…mine’s pretty low, so’s Matt’s, my son.  My daughter, Erins’?  Pretty high.
        Anywho, when someone I know leaves I watch for the next person or animal arriving in my life. And when I say “leaves” I include those friends and animals who just walk away…like my favorite cat ever, Joey,  or my dear friend, Melinda, who just didn’t want to be my friend anymore when I left California.  Oh, I still love Joey and Melinda and no one can take their place.  But nature abhors a vacuum, and new loved ones took the space, time, and energy in my life that they used to occupy.
        After Joey packed his tiny cat bag and left our house, my son, Matt, decided that the little black and white kitten his tiny ferrel, calico MamaCat, had was mine…voila, Ki-Baby. The dear sweet friends that welcomed me back to Omaha, and the new ones I met, took the hours and hours I’d spent with Melinda.
        My dear dear friend, Margaret, you remember her, she and her husband Ray lived down the street from me when I first moved back to Omaha?  She was a nun for 12 years right out of high school?  Anywho, very soon after her sweet husband, Ray, left us my grandson, Easton, arrived.
        This story I’ve made up allows me to view the comings and goings in my life as a little more natural, not quite so meaningless, cruel, and heartbreaking.  It comforts me but it annoys me, too, that we can’t all be together at once. Those loved ones that are gone don’t get to meet those that we love now and wouldn’t it just be wonderful if no one we loved ever left us, ever?
         Wonderful but weird, I guess.  But I likeweird…but then, no one asked me to set up the the cycle of life on Planet Earth.  Too bad, too…’cuz I can make up some great stuff.

    No Classes on July 4th 
    (this Friday)
    candle lit studion
      Isn’t it boo-ti-ful?  It’s like our own awesome little treehouse.
    Oh, sometimes I forget to remind people, park on the street or behind the church next door, not in the hardware store lot…thanks!
    Monday – 8:30 a.m. Trauma Sensitive Anahata
                      5:30 p.m.  Anahata Yoga
    Tuesday – 9:00 a.m. Anahata Yoga (summer class)
                     12:00 Noon Anahata Yoga
    Wednesday –  5:30 p.m.  Anahata Yoga
    Thursday – 12:00 Noon Anahata Yoga
    Friday – 8:30 a.m. Trauma Sensitive Yoga
    Saturday – 9:00 a.m.   Anahata Yoga
    If you know of anyone looking for a place to teach their yoga classes, let them know we have some room on our schedule….and I’m now willing to share like a big girl.  I think something more rigorous would be a nice compliment to all the gentle Anahata Yoga, maybe? xoxo
    I Make Up Stories in My Head
    Schedule of Classes

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