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    Subject: Three Important Things
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    My Studio Anahata Yoga    7/25/2014

    Have I Mentioned that Three Significant “Thangs“…
    …often happen together for me?  Well, I have in the newsletters I’ve composed to you in my head.  Now that I know I’ve put it out there, I’ll keep you apprised as to when it happens again. Anywho, when the three thangs happen they usually converge to motivate me to a rather significant change.  And they just occurred so here goes.
    Thang #1.  This last Saturday night I went to my second house concert at the Folk House on Florence Blvd.  hosted by one of my students, Mary, and her husband, Jerome.  It was awesome.  Eric Taylor, is so soulful for some reason I actually felt teary just being around him.  In a short narrative he would lay out a humble yet unapologetic report of his foible that had inspired the song.  “I wish I’d been nicer to my friends back then.”  Just his simple statements struck me very deeply, or “It’s a heck of a thing to do to a friend.”
    When I tell something I’ve done wrong the description is so heinous the listener is inclined to try to comfort me or I spend part of the narrative attempting to justify my bonehead action.  He just reported the facts and breathed out the beautiful song it inspired.
    Listening to him made me feel more accepting of myself.  I felt inspired to do something with my bone headed moves..like he does.  He said casually, “In the first play I wrote…” and “…that was after the second play I wrote.”
    He write plays, and songs, and does things with them…like share them.
    I wrote a screenplay.  It’s in my guest room closet.
    Thang #2.  The next morning, Sunday, I saw a small article in the Weird Herald that the Omaha Writers Workshop is hosting a reading of the writer’s plays.  They’ve got local actors to read 10 pages of each of their work.  Sunday afternoon I saw the movie Chef.  If you haven’t seen it, go.  I was further motivated move in the direction my mistakes and successes have sent me and build and be more excellent-er than I am.
    Thang #3.  I’m so proud of My Studio, and all of us doing our practices in it, but I’ve begun to feel a little stuck and like I need to branch out and add to my skills.  Enter “#3 thang.”  Annie Brugenhemke, at Sound Method, was offering a Hot Yoga Teachers Training in July which did not fit into my summer fun schedule…but I REALLY felt like I should take it and learn something new.  Monday morning (this morning) I got an up and saw that the training’s been moved to August.  I’m in…if she accepts me…
    …and I’m into the Writers Workshop (if they accept me)…which, come on, why wouldn’t they?  I applied.  We’ll see.   1. 2. 3.
    What three “thangs” are happening in your life you need to be motivated by…by which do you need to be motivated…dammit, you know what I mean.

    One Other Thing Eric said that KILLS Me…
    He said, “What makes me good at what I do is what is wrong with me.”  
    It’s my quote now, I’m stealing it.  I’m just telling you truthfully, THAT is me. What makes me such a good yoga teacher is what is wrong with me.  If I wasn’t teaching yoga I don’t know if I’d stay as true to who I want to be because I don’t know if I’d practice as regularly as I do now.  I can’t teach yoga and not practice, that would just be hypocritical and wrong.  So, I practice so I can teach and I teach because I want to stay on the path I’m on…that being, doing my best…which, I know you know, ain’t all that great sometimes…but it’s mah best.
    Are you so good at what you do because of what is wrong with you?  Think on it.

    I’m leavin’ to be wit’ mah boy…
    …July 30th (Wednesday) and will be back for classes Saturday, August 9th!
    When I sent out your advance notice last week several people emailed back for me to have a good time you’ll see me when I get back! No sir, little Mister’s and Missy’s…I’m here all week!  Get on in here! xoxoxo

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    Hey, getting onto your mat isn’t necessarily the easy thing to do…but it is the right thing to do.  
    Namaste, Ruth
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