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    Subject:Thanksgiving Wish, Week Schedule, and Update
    Happy Thanksgiving

    From Ruth @ My Studio

    Thanksgiving Week Schedule
    No Classes Thursday (Thanksgiving) or Friday
    Come back…

    …Saturday Morning November 29th


     9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. classes

    I have mixed feelings about celebrating Thanksgiving…given the evil smack down the pilgrims visited upon their welcoming, generous, and beautiful hosts….but since the beautiful hosts that I know celebrate the day – I do, too;  not so much Columbus Day, though.
    I am not much of a cook and really use my kitchen mostly as an office and animal feeding station…except on Thanksgiving.  And I’m not a big meat eater…except on Thanksgiving.  So, I thank and bless my turkey for giving up his life for my dining pleasure, brine him in apple juice, bake him and gobble him up…ugh, even as I say that it doesn’t sound very appetizing. What is wrong with me why oh why don’t I be a vegetable-tarian?
    Anywho, I’m also making Ginny’s wonderful raspberry, fresh orange, lemon cranberry relish, sour creamy mashed taters, sweet taters with marshmallows on top, turkey sausage/apple dressing, gravy, pumpkin bread & croissants from Le Quartier in Dundee dolloped with fresh butter (homemade with love at The Grey Plume for their awesome new store, Provisions), Mrs. Smith’s Triple Berry Pie, Ms. Bailey’s made with her own hands Pumpkin Cheesecake, and maybe collard greens (we’ll see) and whatever other mess I can think of and I’ll make Matt and Hannah over eat with me till we’re ready to pop!  Then I’ll beat Hannah at Yahtzee!  Yeaaaa!
    I hope you all have a Holiday as wonderful as you are!  xoxox
    We’re holding class at My Studio Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving…come join us and start the Holiday on a serene note…you’re getting together with family the next day…you may need a peaceful launch into it!  I’m just sayin’…! 😉 xxoxo
    P.S.  Update on my decluttering binge: bedroom closet check, dresser drawers check, kitchen cupboards and drawers check, living room ceiling painted check, refrigerator cleaned check, printer downstairs now upstairs check, top of downstairs desk cleared and clean check, big downstairs table holding lots of junk cleared and cleaned check, microwave off top of fridge and ready to be donated because microwaving is not good for your food check, bathroom medicine cabinet, filing cabinet downstairs now upstairs check, filing cabinet purged of junk paper new file folders, etc. check, guest room junk table cleared and filed check, drafting table/drawing spot cleared check, mmmm, I guess that’s all…but the months not done and neither am I.  Don’t hate me because I’m a decluttering machine.  Oh yeah, Thanksgiving newsletter written and mailed…you guessed it check!
    I’ll give you 3 hints to my cleaning inspiration:
    1.  “Now.”  That’s it.  The word, “Now.”  I cleaned the whole medicine cabinet before, during, and after brushing, flossing, and rinsing…done.  All in about the same time it would have taken me to stand there and watch my cute self.
    2.  I light lots of my favorite candles.
    3.  Single malt Scotch.  (Substitute wine as needed.)
    You’re welcome.  (I pray Matt & Hannah aren’t planning an intervention for a Thanksgiving Day surprise….I’m not done cleaning.)

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