• WOWT Channel 6 News: Families of Murder Victims Find a Place To Relax Their Minds

    At first glance, a class of less than ten woman looks like nap time.

    But, it’s actually an outlet to finding peace.

    “I don’t cry everyday, but I am not better. I am not better,” said Priscilla Shelby.

    “I just got a lot, too much built up in me right now. It takes time,” said Karen Mays.

    Everyone in the room knows or is related to a murder victim.

    Shelby lost her son Levi Brown two years ago. Mays lost her son Shalaimar Cooperrider, nine years ago.

    Both men’s killings remain unsolved.

    “When you are at home, you have all these pictures, everything. Sentimental things,” said Mays.

    Things that keep the mind racing back to dark thoughts, angry thoughts.

    “I want that person,” said Shelby.

    Everyday since their son’s murders, they said finding peace has been a constant challenge.

    Which is why they came to My Studio, a yoga studio, near 39th Street and Cuming Street to take a meditative yoga class called nidrah. This class specifically put on for family of homicide victims. It was organized by Buffy Bush, the creator of Families of the Fallen, a support group for anyone whose lost someone to murder.

    “You come here and at least you can relax your mind from all the negative,” said Mays.

    “I wasn’t thinking of anything. And usually my mind is just going, going, going,” said Shelby.

    Instead, they got to let go of it all, relax completely and put their minds at ease; even if it just is for a little while.

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