• 31MAR

    Newsletter 03-27-15

    Spring Has Sprung Dear Ruth,   Everytime I start yakking about something fun I’ve done, inevitably someones says, “Oh, I wish I’d known about that.” or “I wanted to go to that and forgot!”  So, I think I’ll make a stab at doing a bit better with heppen (that’s right I said “heppen” which means helping

  • 24MAR

    Newsletter 03-17-15

     Time and Inspiration Are the Themes I’m coming back to this first paragraph and writing it last. I thought the theme of this newsletter was “time.” In fact, it turned out to be time AND inspiration. I’m recently inspired by many things and people. I’ve pulled in the parameters of my life, my goals, my desires…kinda

  • 10JAN

    Newsletter 01/08/15

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: Where Attention Goes Energy Flows Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com January 8, 2015 Wednesday, Snow Day January Focus Root Chakra (Muladhara) One chakra a month for 7 months (Guess how many chakras there are?) I’ve studied the Chakra system for years and yet, what I have retained you could fit into

  • 24NOV

    Newsletter 11/23/14

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: Thanksgiving Wish, Week Schedule, and Update Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com From Ruth @ My Studio Thanksgiving Week Schedule No Classes Thursday (Thanksgiving) or Friday Come back… …Saturday Morning November 29th WE ARE OPEN!  9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. classes ___________________________________________________________________________________ I have mixed feelings about celebrating Thanksgiving…given the evil smack

  • 25JUL

    Newsletter 7/25/14

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: Three Important Things Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com My Studio Anahata Yoga    7/25/2014 EricTaylor/Singer/Songwriter Have I Mentioned that Three Significant “Thangs“… …often happen together for me?  Well, I have in the newsletters I’ve composed to you in my head.  Now that I know I’ve put it out there, I’ll keep

  • 24JUN

    Newsletter 6/24/14

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: News from My Studio Anahata Yoga Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com I Love Synchronicity…It Seems Magical to Me. Dear Ruth,     When I managed Ana’s studio in Cardiff it was magic. If a teacher quit on short notice later in the day another instructor would stop by the front desk

  • 04MAY

    Newsletter 5/4/14

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: Happy Spring and My Studio Schedule Updates and Reminders Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com May 4, 2014 May I?  Yes, I may. With the change of seasons one door opens and so does another and another still! This spring a lot of things are changing – besides the weather.  My life

  • 22APR

    Newsletter 4/22/14

    From: My Studio Anahata Yoga <baileybythesea1@gmail.com> Subject: Happy Spring Day Additional Joslyn Exhibit Info! Reply: baileybythesea1@gmail.com Dear Ruth, Happy Spring Day from My Studio Anahata Yoga! This Thursday (April 24th) after the Noon Class…   …our own, Jean Stillmock,  (artist, yogini extraordinaire and docent at Joslyn Museum) has generously agreed to lead us on our own

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