Anahata is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra. The word means unhurt, unbeaten, unstruck. Anahata Yoga was designed to bring students to a higher level of awareness — to deeply connect, expand, and awaken their hearts through asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

This gentle Anahata Yoga class is a very specific set of asanas.  The class begins with a brief meditation, an intention is set and the postures begin.  I’ve heard of “Om Free Zones” in yoga class where the class does not end with a chant…Anahata does.  One of the wonderful things about this class is that everyone is encouraged to perform at their own level.

You may happen on an Anahata class where someone is doing all their postures on a chair, many doing modified pigeon (on their backs) and barely lifting their foot of the floor in a balancing posture while others are kicking it up a notch to challenge themselves more.  Your instructor (me) is expert in helping you modify postures to suit your own body needs.  Adjustments are given once I become familiar with you and your body needs…sometimes I need to just keep my paws off and I quickly recognize that, as well! 😉

Whether you come today, came last year, or attend next month, the flow of postures is just about the same.  Occasionally a different posture is introduced just to stir things up but the Anahata Yoga Flow is very specific. Anahata Yoga is a beautiful gateway into yoga.

The class ends with a beautiful savasana and final lavender scented adjustment.

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