Ruth Bailey

ruth-bio I am Ruth Bailey, the original holder of the My Studio space. We are soon celebrating our 5th year of the studio. A student recently said, “You know, the really really unique thing about My Studio is the people. The most wonderful people come here.” What a nice compliment as we draw to us what we put out, right? Our students are extremely special and as we all become more familiar with each other we’re discovering more and more artistry among us. Now small groups are branching out to meet up for activities we enjoy doing together…besides yoga. The classes at the studio all reflect yogic heartfelt traditions; meditative, kind, gentle and supportive. I love this space, I love the people who come and a look forward to the people being quietly drawn to the energy created by the practices at My Studio.

Teaching yoga is my dharma. Dharma.  I love that word.  And I teach yoga because it keeps me on my path…my path of attentive mindfulness, integrity, kindness, and love.  Yoga is my daily practice….…and by that I mean, I’m practicing….every minute of every day I endeavor to practice a yogic life.  …good gawd, can you imagine me if I weren’t?   I’m a bit of an introvert and pretty much never ever have to do anything I don’t want to…isn’t that nice for me.  I love nothing more than getting together with family and friends…but usually one or two at a time is plenty.  I teach yoga and I design and make jewelry.  I read, I write.  I draw while I watch too much tv, and I practice calligraphy.  I feed the squirrels and birds in my yard and when it’s nice out my yard is pretty much where you’ll find me if not in My Studio.  And last, but certainly not least, I am the caretaker of a small herd of animals.   I am registered with the Yoga Alliance and hold their certification of ERYT 500 as a Yoga Instructor and and hold their certification of ERYT 500 as a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist.

Ruth teaches:

Gentle Anahata Yoga
Anahata Yoga
Rest, Relax, Renew




Marci Baker

marci-bioMarci owned a yoga mat for years before actually stepping on it. It wasn’t until having children, experiencing a stress-related illness, and leaving her career that yoga found her. Initially drawn to the peace she found on her mat, Marci soon discovered the beauty of connecting with and honoring one’s body. As her practice deepened, it grew beyond a physical endeavor to one of self-exploration and acceptance. Yoga has helped her become more centered and grounded in the midst of a busy life, reminding her to always look for the stillness in movement.

Marci completed her 200-hour certification with Susi Amendola in 2013, additional training with Mark Watson in 2014, and her 500-hour teacher certification at the Himalayan Institute in 2014. She has a heartfelt appreciation for all the teachers and students who have graced her journey and guided her on this path. The connection and sense of community she has experienced inspires her to share her love of yoga with others. As a teacher, Marci seeks to provide a safe and uplifting space where authenticity, courage and compassion are fostered. She is grateful for her husband and children and the ordinary moments of life that serve as gentle reminders that there is so much more to yoga than postures and that, no matter what is going on, one always has the choice to pause and to breathe.

Marci teaches:


Julie McKeone

Julie is a RYT 200 hour yoga teacher.  She is a graduate of the 200 RYT certification program at Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center under the guidance of Susi Amendola (ERYT 500).  She will begin her 500 hour training in December of 2015 with Shannon Paige (ERYT 500) and founder of the Embody Method. Yoga, for Julie, creates a center around which a balanced life can blossom.  When her feet are not standing on a yoga mat, they can be found hiking on a forest or prairie trail, or firmly grounded in the dirt of her garden.

Julie teaches:

All Levels Yoga
Intermediate Yoga


Pat Snook

pat-bioPat brings the encouraging attitude everybody and everybody can do yoga!  With a healthcare background, her goal is to ease everyday stress and anxiety as well as the discomforts of disease by quieting the mind and strengthening the body.  Her yoga is focused on mind, body and soul wellness.  She guides transformation through movement and consciousness.  Pat is a certified 200 RYT instructor who is grateful to Susi Amendola (ERYT 500), owner of Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center for guiding her on this journey.  Besides spending time with family, friends and pets, her favorite free spirit activities include: hiking, bicycling, gardening and travel.  

Pat teaches:

Hatha for Your Health

Nathan Brumbaugh is a born mover. Growing up on a farm in SW Iowa, the trees and the barns were just his beginning. Nathan got involved in martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and visual arts. He liked to push and explore the physics of the body in space, sometimes pushing too hard and creating harm, or injury to himself. His determination and perseverance led him to meet the right people to guide him along his life journey.



Nathan teaches:

Restorative Yoga

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