Meditative Anahata Yoga

Although all Anahata Classes can aptly be described as gentle, this class has some of the more rigorous postures modified or removed from the flow of the class. The meditative interludes in the class a extended and the savasana is longer as well.

This class is a perfect way for a new student to wade into the very very slow and gentle end of the yoga pool.

The class is especially effective for those with physical limitations or if you suffer from PTSD.

Meditation is a very challenging practice, as one might expect from a discipline that can change your life. Joining a class is a perfect way to ease back into your fitness routine if you’ve fallen off the wagon…or to ease back into sobriety if you’ve just plain fallen off the wagon.

If you could aptly describe your mind as a roaring jet engine consider this class as a way to gently decompress and unwind.

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