Nathan Brumbaugh

Nathan Brumbaugh is a born mover. Growing up on a farm in SW Iowa, the trees and the barns were just his beginning. Nathan got involved in martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and visual arts. He liked to push and explore the physics of the body in space, sometimes pushing too hard and creating harm, or injury to himself. His determination and perseverance led him to meet the right people to guide him along his life journey.

Nathan moved to Chicago in 1997 to pursue dance. He received a BFA in Dance from Columbia College and was introduced to Yoga. The benefits from Yoga made Nathan more interested in eastern philosophies.

He moved to San Francisco in 2001 and his world blossomed with art and science. He worked with avant-garde arts: touring around the world, dancing, flying in aerial performances, clowning with circuses and physical theater companies. When he wasn’t training or performing he was studying Yoga, deepening his practice. Janet Stone, and Darren Main were huge mentors while he studied at SF Yoga Tree as a promising yoga therapist. He was introduced to Judith Lasater and was enlightened to restorative yoga.

In 2006 Nathan continued his education becoming a certified doula. He has a very special connection with infants. Realizing how much he was doing hands on, it was obvious that becoming certified as a massage therapist was the next venture. In 2011 he received a massage therapy license from Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, certification nationally by NCBTMB. The following year he received a certificate as a myofascial specialist, and later a certificate of contemporary cupping methods from the International Cupping Therapy Association.

Nathan has his own health and wellness practice, Buddha Madre. He still produces, directs, writes, choreographs, and performs in venues all over the world. He loves to create spaces for others to explore and discover more about themselves through movement and play, allowing people to find homeostasis within their physical and mental self. Connecting and becoming conscious of our authentic self inspires Nathan and excites him for the future.

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