• Ganesha




    Om Wear Jewelry, designed by R. Bailey who lives in Omaha, NE.  The Ganesha and Ho Tai Buddha display the Om Symbol and artists initials on the back.  The beautiful pendants are first carved from wax, a very delicate and ancient procedure.  The wax forms are sent to the silver pourer in Carlsbad, California who casts the wax forms into molds and pours the recycled silver to make each piece.   Your pendant is sent back to Ruth and the necklace is assembled including the Om Wear stylized Om Symbol and sent to you.   In each step of this process your necklace is handled by people who love what they are making for you…you will feel the love when your wear the necklace.  And you will feel more love as people compliment you on your unique pieces.  Everyone should have a piece of jewelry that speaks to them and awakens their heart….while reminding them of who, what and how they want to be.  Is this yours?

    Pendant on leather strap. Ball chain in photo additional pricing.

    Om symbol NOT included.

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