Long abandoned and almost forgotten, this simple childhood ritual came flooding back to me when I was introduced to the Yoga Nidra.  What is the Yoga Nidra?  It is simply being verbally directed to bring attention to 61 body parts.  “Bring your awareness to your right hand, the right palm, the right index finger…etc.”  That is it.  The Yoga Nidra is an Ancient Eastern Indian tradition and, I’m telling you true, that it is so profound in its simplicity it is stunning.  And, of course, the lovely (but optional) final Anahata savasana gentle adjustment on the shoulders and neck with lavender oil.

Disassociation from the body during abuse may actually be what helps some people live through it but it is not so helpful throughout the rest of life. Being rooted and connected in your own body is vital to feeling whole.  The Nidra is a way to feel safe in the body and to appreciate, recognize, and “feel comfortable in your own skin.”  Once experienced with a teacher the Nidra is easily self administered for calming, inducing sleep, and self soothing in any circumstance.

Besides the quiet attention to the body the Nidra offers I feel it is also a way to pay attention the body parts and offer gratitude and appreciation for all it does.  

There is something about taking time to give your body your complete and undivided attention and gratitude that is wonderful…and, for me, cleansing, refreshing, and healing.  I have students that LOVE it and ask me to incorporated it into every savasana.  

The Yoga Nidra offered at My Studio offers the time, the space, the quiet, and the guidance to allow the body a true, deep, and nourishing rest.

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